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Have you ever wondered how your presence affects your horse? 

In this free webinar we take a deep dive into understanding how horses interpret, hold, and manifest our own bodies patterns of dysfunction within themselves

Utilizing live footage captured of our remarkable experiment demonstrating assessment and treatment of a human horse duo. Watch the magic unfold right before your eyes as the horse guides our awareness to new levels. 

In this webinar

Join Elisse Miki, Naomi Wycherley, and Classy while we guide you through the live footage captured during our human-horse visceral assessment. 

A Unique Blend.JPG


How horses may hold our pain patterns in their own bodies and how this presents in real time 

About You_edited.jpg


A visual demonstration of a holding pattern manifested in the horse simply by being in our presence

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Your awareness of the inherent nature of horses to empathize with humans in unimaginable ways

Be Fascinated

By the horse's ability to detect and treat the source of pain in the human

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