Creating Harmony Within The Body

We specialize in unique services with foundations in science and therapeutic practices. Together, we will work to discover the root causes of your horse's issues and develop treatments and therapies to enhance their ability to recover from injury and function optimally in their daily lives. My goal is to partner with horse owners and help enhance their relationship with horses. Through learning simple yet effective exercises and homecare you will be able to maintain the manual therapy results over the long term and better understand how to help your horse. 

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Is your four-footed partner feeling a bit under the weather? We can help identify and treat the root cause so you don't have to worry.


Are you an equine therapist or horse owner looking to add new skills to your toolkit? We offer a number of informative courses and workshops.

Additional Services

Registered Massage Therapy

Assessment and treatment of soft tissues and joints in order to manage and prevent musculoskeletal dysfunction, injury, and pain. Through soft tissue mobilization techniques and therapeutic exercise, RMT seeks to rehabilitate, develop, and/or maintain function of each client treated. We can help to deal with soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction as well as general well being. 

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