Elisse Miki is a skilled teacher with a wealth of knowledge and skills to draw on. Her teaching is rooted in her passion for what she does and she has a wonderful ability to covey concepts in practical ways for her students. I highly recommend her as a teacher, facilitator and practitioner for humans and horses alike.

Carmelle LeMaistre, Registered Acupuncturist

Equine Cranial Therapy Level 1 Workshop

Elisse has been truly amazing in helping me personally with my pain issues. I have chronic neck and hand pain due to my job and after one session I felt relief. First time in two years. I also have 3 horses that have benefited greatly from her treatments. My 20 year old gelding has been droppjng his right shoulder for years and popping his head. I had given up. He is now not dropping his head or popping anymore. His overall health has improved. His posture and gate is better and he is a much happier horse. My 16 year old tennessee walker cross has suffered for years trying to build muscle and topline since a serious colic that displaced his spleen. He is finally building muscle and regaining his topline and looks like a different horse. She has also taught me how to help and maintain the work she has done. I cannot express enough how happy I am that I was introduced to this amazing woman. If you are looking for someone that can help you understand what is happening with your horse and show you how improve their quality of life, this is the lady that can do it. Watch and learn people. Your horse is counting on you. 

Michal Purchas, RMT Patient & Equine Client

I would highly recommend Elisse for improving physical performance, injuries, and any strange body imbalances. I am new into my forties and have put myself through heavy physical wear and tear and injuries that come up from my daily bodybuilding/weight training routine and a very active lifestyle since my early youth. I needed to see a therapist who deals specifically with imbalances and helping to reset/fix my hips and shoulders. This was affecting my performance, strength and posture. I saw many RMTs but her pedigree of kinesiology, experience based knowledge, and RMT skill places her in a much higher league than most. It really is an elite skill set. She is also very professional and caring, always taking the time to explain her treatments and communicating what she thinks will help you achieve your goals from the inside out. I started seeing immediate results with my shoulder imbalances. We are very fortunate to have access to this type of RMT and hope to continue treatment as her availability permits. 

Kevin Schmid, RMT Patient 

I don't know how to define what makes a good educator. I know it's one of the hardest jobs in the world. To strike a balance between educating students, keeping them engaged and entertained, while motivating them to reach their potential is something I can't begin to understand. Elisse has been my instructor for the last two years and I can honestly say she embodies all of these qualities throughout her being. She does all this selflessly as though this is the only thing happening in her life. She is one of the most hard-working dedicated people I have ever met in my life. She is always willing to take on more responsibility while not allowing herself to sacrifice performance in any arena. When you have an instructor who casually mentions that they will be teaching a particular class and there's literally a line up waiting to get into that time slot, you know something amazing and inspiring is happening. I know whenever I have a class Elisse is teaching, I will learn something applicable to the real world in a real life setting. I know she will make sure I understand the material and the significance before we move on. Elisse is a major source of inspiration in my life and I know my time at Vancouver Career College would be a lot more difficult without her being a part of my journey. I hope she will continue teaching and inspiring future students in the profession.

Scott Spulnick, RMT Student 

Equilibria Therapeutics is a truly unique offering that is (in my opinion) hugely needed by so many of us horse owners. Elisse is an incredible RMT who really cares about the well being and physical rehabilitation of the people and the horses she helps. If you ride and you ever get massage or other therapeutic treatments done on your horse you will know that often the challenges they face mirror our own, or worse yet, possibly caused by compensating for our own imbalances. Elisse offers a combined practice where both the rider and the horse can be treated by the same person!! How cool is that?? Having been one of Elisse's clients for quite sometime now myself, I can say with confidence that she understands whats going on for you AND your horse. She will isolate and address the root issue and provide you with exercises and "homework" to help you improve the overall success of the therapy. Whether you are looking for a therapist for yourself, your horse, or both, Elisse can help!

Christa Miremadi, Equine Trainer & Horsemanship Instructor 

My 13yr old daughter was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness in Nov 2017. She was severely debilitated and experienced painful muscle deterioration. We came to see Elisse after Sophie's diagnosis while she was still undergoing her rehabilitation process. Seeing Elisse weekly for RMT treatments became a weekly source of relief and comfort. Elisse is highly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She built a compassionate relationship with my daughter Sophie who not only looked forward to her treatments but also her amazing energy. I highly reccommend anyone working with Elisse for humans or equines. She's a wonderful therapist and a genuinely great human.

Mia Finn, RMT Patient

As an Occupational Therapist who grew up owning horses, I was excited to hear about Elisse's Equine Facilitated Learning and have the opportunity to learn and try it out. I couldn't believe how valuable the horse's body language was at providing immediate feedback to a person's interactions, not just with a horse but with other people when working in a group. Immediate feedback with no grudges to worry about. I think EFL is an excellent tool to help build a person's insight into their challenges and make immediate changes for life. 


Amanda Richmond, Occupational Therapist

EFL Brain Injury Program

The Equine Facilitated Learning Program put together by Elisse Miki is an excellent evidence-based program for teaching individuals with brain injury the life skills they require to once again become functional within their world. I experienced the instantaneous, yet non-judgemental feedback from the horses which required us to develop purposeful and clear communication between ourselves and the horse. Non-verbal body language is very difficult to teach to survivors of brain injury, yet these animals express themselves so clearly through non-verbal language and teach the participant how to read their own actions. Experiencing the program demonstrated to me how beneficial it would be to have a client with brain-injury go through this program. It would make teaching life skills a whole lot more functional and meaningful as the client would have an experience to relate to. I can highly recommend this program for clients with traumatic brain injury and see enormous potential for clients with mental health issues as well. Thank you Elisse for your passion to ongoing learning and your foresight to bring all of your knowledge and experience into this amazing program.

Maureen Woodward, Occupational Therapist

EFL Brain Injury Program

Equilibria Therapeutics has brought the research supporting use of Equine Facilitated Learning to help people struggling with dysfunction related to mental health, physical pain, and brain injury to life! I believe that the immediate and direct feedback available from the equine teachers in this program will help clients to make huge strides in their awareness and self-management of their functional health; this will pair perfectly with other modes of therapy focused on improving function as other clinicians will be able to build on insights gained by clients through direct interactions in EFL sessions.



Sarah Clarke, BSc, Kin

EFL Brain Injury Program

Thank you Elisse and your team for bringing me such an extraordinary experience! I saw myself more clearly through the eyes of these beautiful creatures. In an amazing way, they helped me understand more deeply about the qualities like confidence, trust, focus, courage, and many more. Walking out of there, my heart was filled with nothing but absolute peace and pure happiness. Thank you!

Lan Liu, RMT 

EFL Healthcare Providers Workshop

Equine facilitated learning is an amazing experience. Looking forward to the next workshop. Heartfelt thank you to Elisse Miki for creating such a safe, educational, and visceral feeling workshop. 

Liana Michelle Palmer, RMT

EFL Healthcare Providers Workshop

The equine facilitated learning class was an amazing learning experience. It was interesting to see how my approach to life is reflected back through the horse's response-- who we called our teacher. The exercises with the horses were fun but it taught us a lot of skills and values such as communication, consent, and trust-- which I find helpful in my work as a healthcare practitioner. Each class left me reflecting on the lessons for several days. My favorite part was simply getting to have a connection with such pure and emotionally intelligent creatures, who are very patient with our follies. I am so glad this class exists because it was a very unique yet effective way to learn skills that are so applicable in our everyday life. Thank you!

Angela Le, RMT

EFL Healthcare Providers Workshop

What an incredible and enjoyable program!!! I was afraid of horses but here I learned so much about communication and confidence. I would highly recommend attending an equine facilitated learning course!

Jena Fraser, BSc, Kin, RMT

EFL Healthcare Providers Workshop

I have been working with Elisse for a number of years now. She is extraordinary. The level of integrity she has as an RMT, equine therapist, and instructor is undeniable. Her attentiveness, dedication, and professionalism to each endeavour is inspirational. It reveals to me that she is living proof of calling meets passion. 

Jake Delleman, RMT

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