Whether you are a horse owner, equine therapist, or licensed manual therapist for humans we offer a variety of clinics to advance your learning. Our clinic instructors are professionals in their respective fields with wide ranging experience and education, offering you unique access to skills and techniques for massage, cranial-sacral, kinesiology, and osteopathy. 


Equine Cranial Therapy
Level 1 (therapists)

In this 3-day course, we will be exploring the intricacies of the cranial-sacral system. Building a solid anatomical foundation of the connective tissue (fascia, dura), specific cranial bones, sacral and innominate bones, cranial nerves, and venous sinuses, all while progressively cultivating skills and subtlety in palpation


Pre-requisite: Equine Therapy Diploma and/or Human Licence to Practice Manual Therapy


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Equine Cranial Therapy (horse owners)

In this 2-day in-person course, we will be exploring the essentials of the cranio-sacral system, building a basic anatomical foundation of the connective tissue (fascia, dura), specific cranial bones, sacrum, TMJ and important structures. We will each be sharing easy-to-learn techniques to facilitate lasting change in your horse. This course is open to all.  

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Manual Therapy for Horse Owners

In this 4-day course, we will be exploring various manual techniques such as massage, myofascial release, joint play, and neuromuscular release. You will also be guided through how to best manage the most common soft tissue injuries such as strains, sprains, and tendinopathies including timelines for healing of each pathology.   


Horse Owners Weekend Workshop: Part 1

This two-day manual therapy workshop is for any horse owner, trainer, or handler. No prior knowledge of anatomy is required but physical ability to pick up each of the four feet of the horse required. You will leave with the knowledge of how to do a basic physical assessment, release problem areas, and build a deeper connection with your horse.   


Horse Owners Weekend Workshop: Part 2

This 2-day course is a continuation on application of concepts and techniques learned in the first workshop. We also cover anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, cardiovascular system and the sacroiliac joint. Manual techniques for neuromuscular facilitation, visceral release, and the sacroiliac joint.


Pre-requisite: Horse Owners Weekend Workshop 1

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