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At Equilibria Therapeutics, we are dedicated to bringing joy and healing to our visitors - both of the human or horse variety! We have immense passion for our horses and excited to share their amazing gifts with you. Whether you are visiting for wellness for yourself, your horse, or to learn some new skills you are sure to have an unforgettable and transformational experience. 


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What people say...


I've been working with Elisse Miki for over a month now.  

I am particularly impressed with her cranial treatment for Maybelline. She worked with her poll and atlas. After this treatment, Maybelline became more relaxed and less anxious. I've had similar adjustments for myself and the relief is wonderful. No more headaches. I see this in my girl.


- Denise Beaton, Horse Owner



Equilibria Therapeutics is a truly unique offering that is (in my opinion) hugely needed by so many of us horse owners. Elisse is an incredible therapist who really cares about the well being and physical rehabilitation of the people and the horses she helps.

- Christa Miremdi, Equine Trainer & Horsemanship Instructor



Equilibria Therapeutics has brought the research supporting use of Equine Facilitated Learning to help people struggling with dysfunction related to mental health, physical pain, and brain injury to life! 

- Sarah Clarke, BSc. Kin

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