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Online Equine Evaluation

Can't Make It to My Farm?

Get an online equine evaluation and walkthrough session of how to treat your own horse using manual therapy techniques and homecare/rehab exercises. 


You will gain valuable knowledge from this comprehensive online assessment and be walked through the evaluation process as well as instructed on various treatment techniques for your equine partner. 

Equine Evaluation

Fill out our equine therapy intake form first to see if we can help you and horse with our 60-minute online equine evaluation and guided treatment. 

What To Expect




Intake Questionnaire

You will be provided an Initial Intake Form to fill out. This form gives us information about your horse's health history and other pertinent information needed to carry out a comprehensive assessment. After completing this form, you will be emailed a list of the specific photos and videos required to submit before your session.

Photo & Video Evaluation

You will be asked to submit photo and video data at least one week prior to your appointment. A full list of required media is included in your Initial Intake Form. Using the photo and video media that you provide we will review movement, biomechanics, conformation, general hoof health, cranial symmetry, and an overall observation of posture and alignment. 

The Online Session

You will be provided a booking confirmation which includes your telehealth link for the session. Please make sure to download the app on your phone or computer prior to our session to ensure there are no technological difficulties during out time together. It's also a good idea to test the link button in advance to ensure it's working on your end!

Based on your intake questionnaire and media submission, we will guide you through a live assessment of your horse which may include instruction for joint assessment, palpation, and various specific testing techniques.


Following the detailed evaluation, you will be walked through various manual techniques and activation exercises in order to treat what is presenting. Lastly, you will be guided through homecare to carry out following the session which will also be emailed to you the following day. 

Depending on your horse's needs you will be provided a treatment plan, future movement recommendations, and agreed upon follow up (if indicated). 

Price $100 +GST

The booking site accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex. If paying by e-transfer please send to email on on invoice


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