I completed my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from UBC in 2008 and went on to have a successful career as an Exercise Physiologist in the world of rehabilitation and sports training. I was extremely fortunate to work with a diverse group of patients during this time. I gained extensive experience providing exercise rehabilitation programs for athletes, children, seniors, individuals with brain injuries and physical disabilities, as well as clients involved in ICBC/WCB claims. 

It was working with traumatic brain injury patients that prompted me to further my education in 2010 by acquiring the necessary continuing education and participating in the in-house training modules for each brain injury specific company I was contracted by. I found this area of work to be extremely fascinating and very rewarding. I designed active programs to address both the physiological and cognitive issues associated with TBI’s. Focusing on both aspects of dysfunction allowed patients to relearn life skills, return to daily activities, and get back to work. This proceeded to be my focus for the next five years. 

Seeking further clinical training, I went back to school in 2012 to become a Registered Massage Therapist. I have since taken an integrative approach to my treatment, combining skills from both of my diplomas. Implementing a variety of techniques, both actively and passively, I have had great success in returning patients to functional living. I have since been working with professional athletes such as the Canadian and International Rugby Sevens, BC Lions, Toronto Argonauts, Curl BC’s junior Olympic training teams, Cloverdale Rodeo, CrossFit, as well as various Ironman competitors. I am also currently teaching part time at the Registered Massage Therapy College as I have a strong desire to give back to the communities that helped my career flourish as well as to continue my own ongoing education. 


Three years ago I was lucky enough to once again make horses a part of my life. I’ve always had a passion for horses, but had lost that connection when I started my degree at UBC. Immersing myself in the horse world quickly led to me rescuing and rehabilitating four horses. At the time I only had my human therapeutic education and skills to guide their rehabilitation, but the results were just phenomenal! I have since gone on to complete diplomas in Equine Therapy and Equine Osteopathy. As I began studying Equine Osteopathy I decided to complete my human Diploma concurrently as I could see this approach would also be a great addition to my human practice. 

Since rehabilitating my horses it has been my goal to utilize their individual attributes and abilities to give back to those in need of assistance through facilitated programs. In order to make this dream a reality I have since gone on to complete my Certification in Equine Facilitated Learning, bringing both my worlds together in order to be able to offer these unique programs.  Based on my previous experience working with brain injury clients, I can see there is a strong need for specific therapies targeting this group. My fifteen years of combined education and experience allows me to offer a truly unique and integrative therapeutic experience. 

Elisse Miki, Owner & Founder of Equilibria Therapeutics

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