The Horses

All of our horses are incredibly special to us and we are honored to call them our teachers. They are the stars of the show at Equilibria Therapeutics and without them we would not be able to offer this extraordinary learning experience. Our horses have all been through their own life challenges before finding their way to us. They are effectively able to share their stories of perseverance and triumph with our clients in order to help them reach their own potential. Each horse brings a distinctive and unique teaching for the humans who are given the opportunity to work with them.



Waco is one of our wisest ponies at the farm. He brings with him many years of experience handling humans and patiently helping them work through goals. He is a quiet sage and will undoubtedly teach you what you need to learn. Waco understands the challenges his clients face and gently nudges them in the direction needed for personal growth. He is able to draw out and reflect back the needs of his humans while bringing self awareness to the forefront. His calm encouragement and unrelentless patience bring a sense of peace and tranquility while you work through the various skill developing activities with him. 



Sparky is perhaps one of our funniest teachers at the farm. His quirky attitude towards teaching gives our clients an unforgettable experience. Sparky will help you learn new skills while keeping the atmosphere light but don’t be fooled by his humour, he also brings a deep understanding of overcoming pain and loss. Sparky arrived in our lives in a very injured state suffering a fractured femur. Through his rehabilitation process his character grew by leaps and bounds. Becoming healthy allowed his true personality to shine and he has a unique gift of being able to bring that out in the humans he works with. 



Mystey is our one and only female horse at the farm. She is a true beauty and brings new meaning to the term powerful woman. With over ten years professional experience in the show ring, Mystey is no stranger to hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Her energetic attitude and strong sense of self cultivates a desire in her students to become their absolute best version of themselves. She brings both a kind and commanding presence to her teachings instilling a fierce sense of empowerment in the humans she works with. 

Movement Therapy.JPG



Thunder is often referred to as the gentle giant of the farm. He arrived in our lives with multiple injuries that he has had to work through. Despite the pain of rehabilitation, Thunder has never wavered in his willingness to connect and develop trust in working with humans. He is one of the kindest and most gentle horses that has graced our presence. His teachings are deeply profound as he has the ability to truly understand what it means to overcome pain and loss. Thunder embodies the meaning of compassion and has a unique ability to extend his empathy to each human he works with. He understands the needs of his students and accepts everyone openly and lovingly just as they are.  

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