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The Nervous System: The Key To Effective Rehabilitation

"This episode focuses on the nervous system, neuroplasticity, motor control, rehabilitation, cranial work, and all things neuroscience. With a herd of seniors (one over 40 years old!) that love to move and are getting more agile and fit every time I see them, Elisse is definitely doing something very right. This episode might give you some clues on why your horse is not recovering from an injury or accident the way you anticipated, and some simple exercises that incorporate motor control and neuroplasticity to start shifting gears, even if your horse is on stall rest."

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Getting To The Heart Of It

"This episode was off the charts cool! Elisse Miki and Josh Nichol have teamed up to build a bridge between the anatomy and physiology of the heart and horsemanship, and I can’t get enough. This conversation took us to so many amazing mind-blowing places I don’t even know how to share them all in writing. You’ll just have to have a listen in to get a sense of the adventure we had. Enjoy this awesome collaboration!"

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The Heart Connection

"ECGs have discovered that the electrical field of the heart is 60 times greater than the brain's electrical activity. Have you every stopped to consider what the actual role of the heart in the horse is? Yes, it pumps blood but could there be more to it? Elisse Miki, Equine Therapist, joins us to teach us how to palpate the equine heart and explains the role of the heart in connection with our horses."

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Cranial and Endocrine System Interrelatedness 

"This episode of the Podcast is the geekiest we’ve ever gone! And that’s saying a lot. Elisse Miki of Equilibria Therapeutics and I venture into some of our favourite territory, the cranium, and more specifically the sphenoid bone, and its relationship to the master gland, the pituitary, and subsequent potential impact on the endocrine system. As well as a conversation about Elisse’s most recent and very fascinating rehabilitation project."


Why Do We Work With Horses:

Brain Injury Program Explained

In this episode, Dolphin Kasper speaks with Elisse Miki, Equine Therapist, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and Owner at Equilibria Therapeutics. They discuss working with people who are recovering from a wide variety of challenging conditions including Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), they talk about the science behind the effectiveness of animal assisted therapies and her journey from Kinesiologist, to Massage Therapist, to a Certified Equine Therapy Facilitator and Practitioner.

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