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Elisse Miki


Elisse is an Equine Therapist, Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and the Owner of Equilibria Therapeutics. Elisse also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, a Registered Massage Therapy Licence, and multiple Certifications in Equine Therapies. She continues to gain knowledge in her field as she is currently completing her Equine Osteopathy Diploma and Human Osteopathy diploma.

Furthering Your Knowledge


In this 2-day clinic, we will be building on concepts and techniques learned in the first course and exploring the relationship between the nervous system and cardiovascular system with the various soft tissues already covered. Manual techniques for neuromuscular facilitation, visceral release, and the sacroiliac joints will be taught. The course includes a full online course ($99 value), a course manual ($25 value), snacks and refreshments 

Pre-requisite: Manual Therapy for Horse Owners 1

The Value of Manual Therapy


​Manual therapy is an effective treatment modality aimed at improving circulation, soft tissue tone, joint range of motion, neurological function, digestion, and even proprioception. By learning a basic anatomical foundation alongside specific manual techniques, you will be able to help your horse recover from training more efficiently, rehabilitate through injury, and maintain mobility well into their later years. This two-day workshop is for any horse owner, trainer, or handler who has already taken Manual Therapy for Horse Owners 1


Now including full online course ($99 value) of all content to work through in advance at your own pace. Complete theory and technique videos, webinars, PDFs, guest lectures, and more!

What's Covered in the Workshop


9am - 5 pm

  • Review and questions from prior workshop

  • Nervous system anatomy and physiology

  • Cardiovascular system anatomy and physiology

  • Major landmarks for palpating nerve exit points and organs related to the cardio system

  • Understanding how to assess the cardiovascular system of your horse


  • Myofascial release (visceral) and neuromuscular facilitation

  • Participants are taught through demonstration of each how to apply these techniques 

  • Practice time with individual hands-on help from the Instructor (s)

  • Regroup and review to answer questions and discuss results and feedback from horse


9am - 5 pm

  • Review and questions from day before

  • Sacroiliac joint anatomy and physiology

  • Basic SI joint assessment, palpation, and gait evaluation, what to look for in your horse’s movement and how to differentiate hip from sacroiliac joint restrictions


  • Sacroiliac decompression, Sacral float, passive range of motion for the sacroiliac joint

  • Participants are taught through demonstration of each how to apply these techniques 

  • Practice time with individual hands-on help from the Instructor (s)

  • Regroup and review to answer questions and discuss results and feedback from horse

  • Putting it all together; homecare and integration exercises for nervous system, cardiovascular system and sacroiliac joint health

Maximum of 8-10 participants per course to ensure ample horse time, and one-on-one instruction.

Minimum 4 participants required to run the workshop. If minimum number is not met, already registered participants will be contacted individually to be offered a seat in a future workshop or a refund will be issued.

Workshop Dates 2022

Cost $450 (plus GST)


Payment in full is due at least 14 days prior to your workshop. Click your chosen date below to register. If you are unable to pay the full fee, payment plans are available, enquire directly to

* In the event that you are unable to attend due to Covid-19 you will have the option to transfer your registration to another workshop date for up to two years. For any other cancellations made up to 14 days in advance of workshop date, the value of the online course ($99) will be retained but all other funds paid will be reimbursed. 

* In the event of course cancellation due to Covid-19 please note that all funds paid will be reimbursed. 

Aug 13-14

9am - 5pm

Equilibria Therapeutics

Langley, BC

Covid-19 Pre-Screening Questionnaires will be sent out 48 hours prior to your clinic and must be completed in order to attend. See our Covid-19 Procedures here. 

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