What is Equine Facilitated Learning

Perhaps you have heard of equine facilitated learning or horse therapy, and wondered how horses could be of therapeutic benefit to humans. You wouldn’t be the only one - many people don’t realize that equine facilitated learning is recognized as an evidence-based treatment modality. This means it has been well-researched and there is considerable literature supporting its efficacy. EFL is not a riding program, participants work from the ground with the horses to achieve the skill driven objectives. Curriculum is based on facilitating life skills through experiential learning with horses.

Certified Equine Facilitated Learning is most commonly used as a rehabilitation medium to help people recover from a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological disorders. 

Why Horses

Horses sense from the inside out. It is one of their innate attributes as a prey animal. They have the ability to feel and interpret energy emitted from as far as five kilometres away. This is one of the key reasons horses are so effective in therapeutic settings – they are born with a set of astute senses which gives them the ability to know what a human is feeling without the use of verbal language.


Horses are highly intuitive. As prey animals, they are able to adapt to changing situations and offer immediate feedback to the people working with them. This feedback is incredibly valuable as it can mirror and parallel the human experience which can lead to important breakthroughs much quicker than with some other forms of therapy.

Horses are constantly paying attention to our energy, emotions, and intentions. This is why it’s near impossible to fool or lie to a horse. They expect us to be fully present in the moment, always staying true to our experiences and our emotions which contributes to the efficacy of equine facilitated learning compared to traditional talk therapy or basic physical therapy. Clients have to use their own skills to accomplish tasks. Horses in return, provide immediate and authentic feedback to both the client and the facilitator. 

What We Do

We are first and foremost a life skills development program. We offer various short and long format programs ranging from one day workshops to ten week programs. Please refer to the program list on the right side of this page to learn more about each of our offerings. The typical skills covered in each of our programs include: communication, language, active listening, boundary setting, negotiation, problem solving, decision making, teamwork, relationship building, and trust. 

Who Is EFL For

In short, everyone! We specialize our programs to suit the various demographics that contact us. From youth, to brain injury, to corporate executives, or if you simply want to book a unique team building event for your staff - we can tailor make a program that suits your needs. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for in our program offerings, please send us a message to find out what we can do for you. 

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