Be herd. Be seen. 


Activate Your Awareness

Horses have a unique way of sensing and mimicking human behaviour and emotions.  Certified Equine Facilitated Learning allows humans to interact and connect with horses in a non-judgemental and non-threatening atmosphere.  Women have an opportunity to learn about themselves and horses while having fun. Through self-discovery and empowerment, participants increase their communication skills and build relationships. Please note, EFL is not a riding program, participants work from the ground in small groups with the horses to achieve the skill driven objectives. Skills covered in this one day workshop include:


Horses are excellent teachers at helping women set boundaries and be assertive.  They are large animals that can’t be pushed around and therefore their size encourages women to figure out how to be assertive in a healthy way by using initiative and direction rather than resorting to negative or destructive behaviours. 


Emotional Awareness

Horses have the innate power to mimic and reflect what humans are feeling through non-verbal cues. Women are able to explore the way a horse is communicating and reflect the honest non-judgemental language back to their own deep emotions and fears.



Being a prey animal, horses are naturally very aware of their surroundings which includes you as the participant. Learn to focus on the present moment and abandon fears and doubts about the future.  Quiet your mind, turn off the mental chatter, and silence the “what if’s” by creating in the moment goals and focus on “what now”.


Stress Tolerance

Being around a horse in general is thought to be good for the soul.  Equine facilitated learning is rooted in the fact that the bond between animals and humans significantly reduces anxiety and stress.  Study after study has shown that being around these amazing animals has positive effects on stress and anxiety levels as well as other positive outcomes.  



So many women struggle to find time and energy to care for themselves and this can impact a woman’s self-esteem and perceived value causing insecurities.  Overcoming the intimidation of working with horses and tackling a new skill builds confidence in women and empowers them to master many aspects of their day-to-day life.  


Problem solving skills

Because horses mimic body language and emotions, working with a horse while frustrated triggers horses to react in the same frustrated manner.  To get the horse to complete the task given, women first have to get clear on their intention and figure out the best attitude with which to approach the animal.  This requires creativity, thinking and leadership.


Interpersonal Relationships

Horses assist in fostering relationships with others.  The way people communicate with horses is usually a reflection of how they do so with others.  Horses are non-judgemental and provide a safe place for women to gain insight and explore effective interpersonal skills.  Through this insight women will adopt new more effective ways to engage with others.


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